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How Can Our Credit Repair Be


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You contact Boe Credit Consulting for a free consultation and case evaluation.

You enter into a relationship for services with Boe Credit Consulting.

Boe Credit Consulting provides services and conducts compliance audits.

With your agreement, violations are forwarded on to a qualified and aggressive consumer protection attorney for review. Click to learn more about our attorney partners.

If the violation is actionable, you enter into a relationship with the attorney to act on your behalf.

When the case resolves in your favor, the negative account is removed from your credit reports, any associated debt is eliminated, and the attorney will send a check to you.*

*While this represents a typical outcome, the understanding between you and your attorney as to the resolution of your case may differ.

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Contact us BEFORE you make your next payment!

In addition to the many ways we may be able to help you, we may also be able to help you get a refund of any payments you've already made.

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Too Often Debt Collectors Violate Consumer Protection Laws In Their Efforts To Collect A Debt



  • Stop Harassment From Debt Collectors

  • Make Them Pay For Violating Your Rights

  • Erase The Debt They Say You Owe

  • Get The Collection Account Deleted From Your Credit Report - Improving Your Credit

Consumers often have more than one account in collections and are being hounded by multiple debt collectors trying to collect a past due debt, adding to your stress and making you feel like you will never escape your difficult financial situation and improve your credit rating. It doesn't need to be that way. Boe Credit Consulting can help you deal with all of your creditors and collectors, getting you the leverage you need to take back your financial freedom.


  • Collecting a debt they are not entitled to

  • Harming your credit rating by furnishing erroneous or unverifiable information to be published on your credit reports

  • Suing you without giving you proper notice

  • Failing to notify you of your right to dispute the debt

  • Failing to send a debt validation letter within 5 days of first making contact with you

  • Talking to anyone else about your debt

  • Falsely threatening to sue you

  • Using profane or abusive language 

  • Calling you outside of "reasonable" hours

  • Calling you multiple times each day

  • Calling you multiple times each week

  • Calling you multiple times for the wrong person

  • Calling you at work

  • Calling your friends or family

  • Continuing to contact you after you've asked them not to

  • Telling you that you committed a crime

  • Telling you that you will be arrested

  • Threatening to harm your credit rating

  • Threatening you  in any other way

  • Lying to or misleading you

  • Changing the terms of an agreed payment plan

Consumer Protection Laws are on your side - we know how to leverage the power of these laws to stop debt collectors, eliminate your debt, and improve your credit.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is just one of those laws. It protects consumers from abusive collection practices inflicted by debt collectors.


Boe Credit Consulting is backed by a nationwide network of powerful attorneys, with decades of experience, specializing in the area of consumer financial protection law.

These attorneys aggressively pursue debt collectors and other creditors who violate our client's consumer rights with abusive and illegal collection practices.

These abusive debt collection companies hate our attorney partners and will often settle a case without  the attorney having to file a lawsuit.

Many of our clients have received settlements or judgements in excess of the amount the debt collector was trying to get from you - that all goes straight into your pocket.

No fee guarantee - If one of our attorneys agree to handle your case, there is no out of pocket cost to you. When you win your case, the debt collectors must PAY YOU and  your attorney's fees. If you lose, you pay nothing. 

*Our clients are never required to work with any attorney in our network. We only refer them as an option for you. We are happy to work with any attorney of your choosing.

**Your relationship with your attorney is separate and apart from your relationship with Boe Credit Consulting. Boe Credit Consulting merely facilitates the introduction between you and a consumer protection attorney with whom we partner. You are in no way obligated to work with any attorney we introduce you to. If requested, Boe Credit Consulting will provide as much assistance as possible in cooperation with your legal case.

***While Boe Credit Consulting and our partners strive to deliver the best in service and outcomes, your results may vary based on several factors, but most importantly, the circumstances of your particular case.

Attorney Partners

Boe Credit Consulting

Helping consumers fight back.

Leveling the playing field.

Turning the tables on debt collectors.

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