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Vantage Score – What You Should Know

Vantage Score is the most common scoring model used by credit monitoring services such as Credit Karma, PrivacyGuard, TrueCredit, Experian, etc. It’s use by lenders in their decision-making processes is gaining in popularity.

The credit bureaus wanted to get in on the credit scoring business, so they created Vantage Score. It is the first credit scoring model created by the credit bureaus themselves. This scoring method is very different than most scoring models.

There are several different credit scoring models out there, but the most widely used scoring model throughout all industries hails from the Fair Isaac Company (FICO). FICO 10, released in 2020, is the newest update in the FICO family of credit scoring models.

Most lenders also are using a version of FICO 08 or an older FICO score model. When you monitor your own scores, you want to use something similar to what the lenders might use so you have a good idea of what your credit scores will be when they pull your credit reports and scores.

But Advantage Score is WAY off the norm. This score model changes the entire credit scoring range all together. A normal credit score range with almost all score models is 350-850. But the Vantage Score ranges from 501-990. This is far different than ALL other score models.

With Vantage Score, if your credit score is in the 700 range, it could be a bad score, however, with the FICO scoring model, for example, it is a good score. This radical change in the score range is one of the reasons the various industries have not yet accepted the model.

If you’re using a credit monitoring service to monitor your credit scores, you will want to find out what scoring model they use so you know how the scores they give you compare to the scores any lenders, you apply for credit with, will see.

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About the Author

Jeff Boe is a graduate of National American University, a Board-Certified Credit Consultant, and President of Boe Credit Consulting. He is a credit expert who has successfully rehabilitated his own credit profile and, since 2005, has been working with consumers to improve their own credit files and their financial literacy.

In 2018 he started Boe Credit Consulting in order to help even more consumers improve their financial literacy and to help them eliminate the financial burden of negative credit.

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