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In the early 2000s, our leader - Jeff Boe, was experiencing issues with this credit rating and realized that he lacked the understanding of how the consumer credit rating and reporting system worked and the financial knowledge necessary to know how to fix it. So he took on the task of learning everything he could about the consumer credit rating and reporting industry as well as financial and banking systems in the effort to figure out what he could do to improve his credit rating.

He gained an eye-opening education of laws that protect consumer with regard to their credit profiles, consumer reporting, financial reporting, debt practices, and a lot more. He was able put his newly acquired knowledge to good use and was able to successfully improve his personal credit file and rating. In 2005, after speaking with some friends and family members, Jeff found that he wasn't the only one who had been struggling with financial and credit literacy. So he began to pass on what he learned in order to help educate friends and family, and showed them how to correct and improve their credit ratings and how to maintain good credit going forward.


After years of helping friends and family with their credit Jeff wanted to figure out a way to reach out farther than just his inner circle so that he could help more people get out from under the thumb of what he considered to be a rigged consumer credit rating system that was intended to exploit those with poor financial literacy which ultimately leads to poor financial habits.

In 2018 Boe Credit Consulting was born. Jeff uses his credit consulting business as the vehicle to reach more consumers who are in need of credit repair and financial education in order to move them forward in their quest to achieve their financial goals.



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Jeff Boe is a graduate of National American University, a Board-Certified Credit Consultant, and the President of Boe Credit Consulting.  In the early 2000s he successfully rehabilitated his own credit profile and since 2005, has been working with others to educate and help them with improving their own credit.

In 2018 he started Boe Credit Consulting in order to help even more people improve their consumer reports and scores as-well-as to improve their knowledge of the consumer credit rating industry so they can be free to realize their financial goals.

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