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During our FREE credit analysis and consultation, we perform a cursory review of your consumer reports, provided by you, and learn a little more about you, your circumstances, and your goals. We will provide you with our assessment of your credit situation, noting possible errors and/or reporting violations that we see on your consumer reports. We will offer advice regarding what can be done to improve your credit situation. We can also let you know what services we can provide in order to help you achieve your goals.



Our standard credit repair process begins with our proprietary forensic audit of your Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion consumer reports. We will review these consumer reports for reporting compliance, timeliness, obsolescence, accuracy, completeness, and various other factors that may be negatively impacting your credit rating.


We will present you with our findings as well as an individualized strategic plan to address those issues. Our strategy will include communicating directly with consumer reporting agencies and creditors to challenge the harmful information contained in your consumer reports in order to remove or improve the information in our effort to improve your credit rating.


We are also qualified to identify potential violations of consumer protection laws; violations of these laws give you the right to take legal action. When we spot these violations, we will forward your case on to one of the lawyers in our network to evaluate your case, free of charge, for potential legal action.

- Forensic audit of Equifax, Experian, & TransUnion consumer reports

- Direct disputes with consumer reporting agencies

- Direct disputes with creditors/data furnishers

- Creditor/data furnisher compliance audits

- Prelitigation dispute tactics

- Personalized & strategic dispute plan

- Cease & desist letters

- Dedicated certified credit consultant

- Personalized credit improvement strategies

- Credit education resources

- Credit builder resources

- Service guarantee

Standard services include:

- Your case reviewed by a Consumer Protection Attorney when applicable



We offer advanced credit repair services for items that are typically more complex and/or require more in-depth work to dispute properly. Advanced services are optional and available for an additional one-time fee for the items listed below:

Specialized items include:

- Student Loans

- Reposessions

- Foreclosures

- Short Sales

- Child Support

- and more

Public record items include:

- Bankruptcies

- Civil Judgments

- Evictions

- Tax Liens


Offered for an additional one-time fee per; available for select dispute items.

Review & dispute items from consumer reports published by Specialty Consumer Reporting Agency - LexisNexis

Review & dispute items from consumer reports published by Specialty Consumer Reporting Agency - Other than LexisNexis



Service Guarantee Badge.png

Boe Credit Consulting guarantees the Services we provide to you for a period of  two (2) years ("Service Guarantee Period") from the date our Services end.


As such, you are entitled to receive (a) Services at no cost or, (b) a refund of applicable service Fees, if, as a result of our Services:


  • An item on your consumer report(s) was updated to a positive status or deleted, by the data furnisher or respective consumer reporting agency,


  • The updated item reverts to the original adverse reporting state, provided that the item is being reported by the same data furnisher, with the same account number, and the same adverse information, and on the same consumer report as it was prior to being disputed or challenged by BCC,


  • The deleted item reappears on your consumer report, in its original state, provided that the account is being reported by the same data furnisher with the same account number, and the same adverse information, and on the same consumer report as it was prior to being disputed or challenged by BCC,


  • You inform BCC of the adverse change to your consumer reports no later than the last day of the Service Guarantee Period,

  • You, yourself or via third party, have not, disputed the affected item with the respective consumer reporting agency and/or data furnisher during the Service Guarantee Period,

  • Your account with BCC is current or closed in good standing,

  • This agreement did not terminate early for breach of contract.

NOTE: Free Services or refunds shall be provided at BCC’s discretion and are limited to the affected item(s) covered under this guarantee.

Boe Credit Consulting cannot guarantee a specific outcome or result as it relates to the improvement of your consumer reports and/or scores. BCC can only provide a guarantee for the services provided in the effort to improve your consumer reports and/or scores.

Service Guarantee
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