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Consumer protection laws require consumer reporting agencies to publish credit reports that are complete and accurate. 

After a bankruptcy, credit reports can often be inaccurate due to creditors not updating the information being furnished to the credit reporting agencies once the bankruptcy has concluded.

At Boe Credit Consulting, we provide post-bankruptcy audits of consumer credit reports to ensure all accounts that have been discharged in bankruptcy have been updated and are reporting completely and accurately and are in compliance with federal and state reporting requirements.

If we discover any of these account reporting incomplete or inaccurately, we work with our clients to dispute the inaccuracies with the consumer reporting agencies and creditors.

If the consumer reporting agencies fail to correct the disputed accounts, we can forward the client's case to one of the many Consumer Protection Attorneys we work with to bring a federal lawsuit against them for violations of consumer protection laws.


A successful lawsuit will result in accurate credit reporting, attorney fees being paid for, and monetary damages paid to the client.




We provide this service at no charge. Just click the link below to request your free consultation and get the ball rolling.

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