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Your Ultimate Guide to Credit Repair

Confident Credit

The book that reveals all about credit repair and credit building.

Jeffrey Boe

About the author

As a credit repair expert, Jeff has helped many consumers improve their credit worthiness and to help them get back on the path to achieving their financial goals. Now it's your turn!

What you'll read


About the author

Meet the credit expert helping so many people improve their credit - Jeffrey Boe.

Ch. 1

What is Credit Repair?

You will learn what credit repair is, and is not. You'll also learn about some of the consumer laws we use to assert consumer rights in the credit reporting industry.

Ch. 2

Is Credit Repair Legal?

The Credit Reporting Agencies would like you to believe credit repair is not legal because they don't want consumers to know and assert their rights. But you'll learn the truth in this chapter.

Ch. +

And more...

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